Deputy Speaker

Hsinchu, formerly known as Chuchien, was the terminus of the first railroad in Taiwan built by Liu Ming-chuan in 1887. Nearly a hundred years later, the Hsinchu Science Park was born, and Hsinchu was the starting point of Taiwan's technology industry.

Hsinchu has been a city for 300 years and is known for its rich cultural heritage, but it is only a small point on the map. Whether as a starting point or an ending point, in the history of modern development in Taiwan, Hsinchu has always played the role of a hub from generation to generation, a turning point towards a new era, and through the efforts of each generation, the glory of the people of Hsinchu and the happy and beautiful memories of the city was created.

Both the city government and the city council are the driving force behind a city's progress; none is dispensable. If we are to think of the city government as a car running on the right track, the council's job then, is to cheer the car on so that the car can go faster and farther. If the car goes in the wrong direction, the council has to apply the brakes and make it turn around. If the "citizen-passengers" are questioning the policy direction, the council should act as a lubricant, fully reflecting public opinion and facilitating communication, so as to adjust to the best direction.

Councilors are public servants of the people. Pang-yen has always been committed to “hard work and sincere service” since he started his political career. He was fortunate to have the support of his fellow councilors and was elected as the 10th Deputy Speaker. He is duty-bound to shoulder the responsibilities entrusted to him by the public and his fellow councilors.

The council and the city government are like the two wings of a bird and the two wheels of a car. Pang-yen understands that it is only when they complement each other that they can do more with less. Therefore, he will be fair and rational in his engagement in political dialogue. He will forge a consensus among councilors to assist the Speaker in promoting the administration and operation of the council and supervising municipal services with a view to creating a win-win-win situation for citizens, the council, and the city government, making this windy city a place where "the breeze is warm and happiness is felt," and where we can live up to the people's expectations.


Deputy Speakers